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St. Gabriel’s School Parent-Teacher Association

The St. Gabriel’s School Parent-Teacher Association (P.T.A) is a very active organization in the School community. We believe that children derive a great deal of benefit when parents take an active interest in their education and in the school community that nurtures them through these crucial years of primary education.

Our main objectives are to:

  • Promote the welfare of children in the home, at school and in the community.
  • Promote a working relationship and understanding between Parents and Teachers.
  • Promote Parent education.
  • Secure adequate rules for the care and protection of our children.
  • Act as the body through which the opinions and wishes of the Parents and Teachers are represented to St. Gabriel’s Management Incorporated.
  • Assist in promoting the financial stability and expansion of the School in the interest of educational development.
  • Assist in the general management of the School in whatever way possible.

The membership of the PTA consists of Parents, Teachers, the Principal and any persons nominated to be Honorary Members by the Executive Committee and approved by a majority vote of the membership. We work together to try and accomplish the above-mentioned goals in a variety of ways including:

  • Fundraising through events like our annual Fair.
  • Holding three general meetings, one per term, in which we invite the entire PTA to come out and exchange ideas and raise issues.
  • Holding social events such as a 'New Parents Evening' and the Christmas event to bring the community together.
  • Communicating with the PTA membership on a regular basis on issues concerning the school.

The School could not function as well as it does without the dedication and active participation of the PTA. At St. Gabriel’s we have been blessed year in and year out with a very active and committed Association who work together tirelessly with the School and the Board for the betterment of the children, the school and the entire community.

If you are interested in contributing to or being a part of the PTA, please contact us.

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